Areas of Specialty

The Merchant's Matchmaker© has handled my check recovery and credit card processing for years. What I love most about this company is their commitment to their customers, at any cost. So often they do not gain a thing, but work their tail off to make sure all merchants (not just their clients), are not being taken advantage of in this industry. This company knows the merchant services industry inside and out, and as a result will most often save you tons of money. If they cannot save a merchant money, they are very honest, and still find ways to educate the merchant. There is no company like The Merchant¹s Matchmaker© in this industry, because the company works independently for the merchant and not for the credit card processing companies. If you would like an advocate for you and your business, with absolutely no effort on your part, call The Merchant's Matchmaker©.

Linda Wander
Owner Shear Dynamics
St. Cloud, MN

There are many different products and services that comprise the Merchant Services industry, and as a result, business owners can be easily confused and frustrated when trying to compare these products and services in relation to their own specific business needs. It usually comes down to which salesperson gets to you first and is able to persuade you that their company offers the best solutions. And more often than not, at the end of the day, you are not ultimately satisfied with the results and usually find yourself locked into an arrangement that is not cost-effective for your business.

Unfortunately, these salespeople and their companies are motivated more by personal commission dollars and profit than by meeting your business needs. This is really where The Merchant’s Matchmaker © can make the difference for you!

We perform the research that business owners do not have time to do, and because we do not represent any vendor or processor exclusively, we can keep our recommendations objective, considering your particular business needs. We continue to follow changes and updates within the industry in order to understand and discuss all options with our clients, and we strive to be a valuable resource for business owners seeking information and guidance.

Here are some of the areas in which we specialize:

  • Merchant Services Advocacy
  • Merchant Services Training and Education
  • Contract Terms Analysis
  • PCI Compliance
  • Credit Card Processing and Analysis
  • Credit Card Equipment and Supplies
  • Mobile Card Payment Solutions
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Cash Discount Programs
  • e-Commerce Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Products and Services
  • Check Recovery Services
  • Check Verification, Conversion, Guarantee and similar services
  • Check Processing Equipment
  • ACH Processing, Recurring Billing, Checks By Phone
  • ATM Processing and Equipment
  • Debt Collection Services

Please feel free to contact The Merchant's Matchmaker© if you have questions regarding any of these products or services, and we will be happy to give you the answers you need in order to make the best decisions for your business!