How It Works

Working with The Merchant¹s Matchmaker© has been a wonderful experience. Whenever I have a question, they are always kind enough to walk me through the steps to resolve it. One day I called with a technical problem, and Teresa even helped me resolve the issue on the day she was decorating for her daughter's wedding! The Merchant's Matchmaker© always calls me back if I leave a message. I love the fact that I did not have to sign a contract and the minimal monthly fee can¹t be beat. I have used other companies, but there is no comparison to the service and rates that The Merchant's Matchmaker© provides.

Carrie Johnson
Owner Carrie Johnson Bridal and Prom
Waite Park, MN

The Merchant's Matchmaker© came and set us up with great rates and the best customer service any business could ask for. When I call with a problem, I immediately get a resolution or an answer to my question. I wish I had service like this with every vendor I deal with!

Kathy Hinkemeyer
Owner Glen's Precision Auto
St Cloud, MN

We have been working with The Merchant's Matchmaker© since 2002, and we are just as dedicated to them as they are to us. They have protected us from many scams and unethical practices within the merchant services industry, and they continue to save us money on our processing costs. Whenever we need assistance, we know help is only a phone call away, and we are always extremely satisfied. We will never even consider switching to another provider as long as The Merchant's Matchmaker© is around! We highly recommend this company to any business owner. You will not be disappointed!

Leslie Sebo
Finance Manager
Miracle Shield Coatings
House Springs, MO

First of all, there is nothing to sell you.

The consulting services of The Merchant's Matchmaker© are FREE to you.

Because our loyalty is to you, our client, we have no exclusive relationships or obligations with outside vendors. Our recommendations are based on first-hand knowledge and experience with those vendors who have met or surpassed our stringent expectations of integrity, and continue to do so.

Because you will also not be bound by contract terms if you choose to use the services of any recommended vendors, you can be assured of ongoing ethical practices and excellent service if they wish to keep your business.

After reviewing your current services, rates, fees, equipment and other transaction-related statistics for your business, we will make recommendations that you may choose to act upon, or not. It is entirely pressure-free, without obligation.

If you choose to do business with one or more of our recommended vendors, that vendor will reimburse the Merchant's Matchmaker© accordingly. Because of this relationship, we are able to help you find the best solution for your unique business without loyalty to any one vendor. THIS GIVES YOU THE POWER OF CHOICE!!

Knowledge Is Power

How can you make the best decisions for your business when you don’t know the facts?

How can you know the facts if your sales rep is inexperienced or unethical?

How will you spot inexperience or unethical practices if you are unfamiliar with the industry?

How much of your hard-earned money do you want to throw away on costly mistakes and misguided decisions?

Wouldn’t you like to have someone on your side, looking out for you and your business, sharing the knowledge that can save you money and time?

Did You Know...

That signing an equipment lease agreement for a credit card terminal can cost you $2400 to upwards of $10,000 or more?

That you cannot cancel an equipment lease, but must continue to pay until the end of the term, which is typically four to five years?

That even if you pay the lease off early, you will not save one dime, but will pay the entire termed amount?

That lease companies do not notify you when your lease is finished, and if you do not contact them to cancel it, you will continue to be billed indefinitely?

That at the end of the lease, if you remember to cancel, you have three choices: 1) Send the terminal back; 2) Pay an additional 10% of the total term amount to “buyout” the terminal; 3) Continue to pay the monthly charge indefinitely until you can pay the 10% or send the terminal back?

That your terminal lease generally does not include a warranty; that has to be purchased separately, typically for $15 to $35 per month?

That your lease often outlives your terminal, due to upgrades or mandated processing changes, and you have to buy or lease a new terminal while still paying on the previous one?

That equipment leasing is one of the more lucrative scams within the Merchant Service Industry?



Call The Merchant's Matchmaker© today, and begin a relationship of trust and commitment that will be your first line of defense in the confusing world of transaction processing!