What you don’t know about the credit card industry can absolutely harm your business financially!! Our presentation will expose the lies and unethical practices that may be hurting your business, and provide you with the knowledge you need in order to protect your bottom line in that area of your business.

What we share can help protect you from victimization within the industry, and if you are currently being financially harmed, we can offer proactive solutions that will put YOU back in the driver’s seat!

Some of our Topics of Discussion will be:

  • Credit Card Processing Fees..........How much is too much?
  • Deciphering Statements..........Breaking the ‘code’
  • PCI Compliance..........Shattering the illusions, Exposing the lies
  • Equipment Issues..........Compliance, Proprietary vs. Universal, POS Systems
  • Equipment Leasing..........The Scam
  • Contracts, Fine Print, Terms & Conditions..........The Do’s and Dont's
  • Cancellations, Auto Renewals, Early Termination Fees..........How It Works
  • Current Legislation & Regulations..........How it affects you and your business
  • Fixing the Mess, Knowing Your Rights..........Getting help without hiring an attorney

We will also have an open time for Q & A or commentary at the end of the presentation, so bring your questions!!!

Learn how to take control of this part of your business, and discover the established advocacy that is here to help, at no cost to you! THIS IS NOT A SALES PRESENTATION!!!!

This is an educational and proactive opportunity for EMPOWERMENT for small business owners!!!

SEATING IS LIMITED SO REGISTER TODAY!!!! And if you register, please make sure to attend, as others may have been turned away in order to reserve your seat!

We look forward to meeting you and making a difference for your business!!


Upcoming Seminars:

9am - 11am @ Old Fire Hall, 310 4th St, Brookings SD 57006 605-696-0374
1pm - 3pm @ Old Fire Hall, 310 4th St, Brookings SD 57006 605-696-0374
6pm - 8pm @ Old Fire Hall, 310 4th St, Brookings SD 57006 605-696-0374

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